The Scrutinizer System

Scrutinizer™ is at the foundation of the Plixer incident response and behavior analysis architecture. It is available as a physical or virtual appliance, or as a Windows download. Scrutinizer performs the collection, threat detection, and reporting of all flow technologies on a single platform. It delivers real-time situational awareness into the applications and their historical behaviors on the network.

Enterprise Visibility

    Massive scalability, supporting dozens of distributed collectors Capable of archiving and analyzing several million flows per second Topology mapping with active links Deduplication and stitching across collectors

Individual Appliance

    A single flow collection system supporting over 2000 flow sources Collects up to 200,000 flows per second Supports all flow technologies on a single system (e.g. NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, J-Flow, NetStream, etc.)

Flow Analytics

    Forensic audit trail reporting Threat Detection of odd traffic patterns Threat reputation support Threat Index™ indicates weighted threat severity over time Archives raw data for decades

Advanced Reporting

    Additional reports for Cisco, Palo Alto, Citrix and dozens of other vendors Behavior Baselines and alerting based on abnormalities, compared to historical trends Custom threat detection algorithms Integration with Cisco ISE or Microsoft for end user name identification Design and build custom reports for exports from any vendor (e.g. Cisco NBAR, AVC, etc.)

Multi Tenancy

    Support for hundreds of unique login accounts with access limited to specified data Billing and invoicing support